We are committed to providing self-leadership and Yogic based services and resources to individuals seeking to invoke a sustainable sense of unity (with self and other) on their life path .


Powerful and dynamic life transforming experiences to ignite the light living in one’s soul. Inherently, these experiences assist in recognizing one’s capacity to transcend toward who they are born to be steadily, brightly and sustainably. Ultimately leading each individual to become an agent of personal and/or societal cultural change.


Take a gander at these writings on life leadership and the integration of Yogic principles into everyday life.

Conversations with Yoga and life leadership folks.

Yoke Courses

Personal and professional development through Yoga.

The Root of the Lotus

Embrace the study of Yoga more deeply through this in-depth investigation of the Yoga Sutras. This four month study of the Yoga Sutras with LauraLynn Jansen form a greater understanding of all the aspects of this ancient practice.

“Upon reflecting on our study, I know I learned a lot about the yoga sutras. It's a complex, deep text and I thank you for guiding us through it. I also feel that I have taken another step closer to spirituality in my life. I am beginning to notice more divine energy around me. Perhaps I am beginning to have more of that myself and so recognize and hopefully attract it as well. “ – L. Good, partaker of Root of the Lotus


Continuing Education Credits are available with this course.

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…is a sustainability-driven business that aims to make the practice of yoga more accessible and inclusive while doing our part to protect the environment in the process.