About theYoke

After fifteen years of personal immersion in the Yoga world, and another decade plus of observation as a Yoga professional, LauraLynn felt compelled to reach out to others. She was curious to see what others were experiencing. The highlights of the discussions with colleagues, students, and Yoga enthusiasts are below.

Teachers spoke of:
  • an edge of competition
  • a sometimes overwhelming feeling of busyness
  • how to build their brand and obtain ambassadorships and do other promotional practices
  • a desire to share and obtain practical guidance, such as the development of class outlines
  • mentorship from other Yoga professionals
Students spoke of:
  • a deep confusion of who, where, when and how to start
  • a desire to learn more than asana/really understanding what Yoga is
  • being overwhelmed by the massive amount of information on Yoga
  • feeling like teachers have little time in a class to give individual attention
Program Directors spoke of:
  •  a need for checklists for starting a yoga space/program
  • competitiveness in having the “best” teachers and keeping their programs afloat
  • wishing there were a place to “pick the brain” of others who have been able to successful in running programs in a wide range of venues

LauraLynn took all the conversations under consideration, seeking shared thoughts, needs and concerns. Multiple common themes emerged: unity, service and sustainability. Collectively they created a deep calling for LauraLynn to address them in some way. This calling became theYoke.

Who Makes Up theYoke?

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