Seva: the path of Karma Yoga

by LauraLynn Jansen theYoke’s founder & executive director   During my travels over the last couple months I picked up a copy of Peppermint, an Australian magazine focused on style, sustainability and substance. It drew my eco-conscious fashionista and artista into its’ pages. One of the clinchers was an article about “Super Role-Model,” Seane Corne. […]

Karma Yoga

by Kristalena LaMore theYoke, Board Member What karma is and isn’t is a continuous contemplation on the Yogic path. This month Kristalena (a.k.a. Krissa) a farmer and Yoga teacher shares her thoughts about being a Yoga person who follows the karma path. Why is it important to teach in a non-profit/donation based setting? This is important to me as a […]