Pay It Forward

Historically, a student of Yoga, learned orally from their teacher over many years.

Sometimes teachers -in training would live with their mentors so the subtle nuances of the Yogic principles could be assimilated through daily life. Most modern models of training Yoga teachers is far more condensed. The person-in-training often will not see their teachers after the initial instruction. Sometimes this can lead to confusion and can leave a teacher feeling a bit solitary on their path. Even though they usually will continue to acquire knowledge to grow their teaching.  Pay It Forward offers Yoga Professionals the opportunity to obtain an experienced and trusted adviser, a.k.a. a mentor. 

What Mentees are Saying....

  Stephanie  (International Yoga Teacher)            

           Receiving this high-quality coaching is far beyond what I’m able to do for myself. It reminds me of the difference between flossing at home and going to the dental hygienist for a cleaning. I take really good care of myself; but there’s a level I just can’t approach without the help of a professional. You (LauraLynn) see the patterns more readily than I do. So when I receive coaching it feels so luxurious; it allows me to focus on myself as number one.


Rachel (Yoga Program Coordinator, HI)

To be given the gift of a mentor, is one of the most precious relationships a young woman like myself can receive. This opportunity has come at the most appropriate moment for me in life. I am ready to do the footwork. I am ready to uncover. I am read to heal. I really don’t believe there is a more qualified woman to assist me in gracefully taking these lessons head one, than LauraLynn. I am grateful to be able to build a relationship with myself through her guidance. In a world full of illusions and walls, it’s the greatest relief to feel like I can be beautifully messy with someone, transparent and vulnerable. What this relationship does for me, is remind me that it’s ok – what I’m feeling is valid. I can’t wait to see how the both of us can grow together.


               ‘We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.’-Winston Churchill

SAT: सत

(the true essence)


Within each of us lies an essence of Self, which is unchangeable. Sometimes living life covers up our capacity to have faith in our inner sustainability. These real-time gatherings will provide tools for personal and professional nourishment. Give yourself the gift of time to align your rhythm with the deepest aspects of Self. theYoke’s experienced mentor-coach, LauraLynn Jansen, a certified coach and Yoga professionals.


via: Zoom

three group gatherings (aprox. 60 minutes each)

& a private session w/ a mentor-coach (30 minute)


Speaking to the Why…

The Gift of Mentoring

“Just as falling in love changes your outlook on life, finding a mentor teacher often changes a new yoga teacher’s outlook on the practice.”

Miles Borrero on mentoring

An interveiw with Miles Borrero, NY based Yoga teacher speaking to mentoring young Yoga teachers. (see page 42)

Mentor Forums

Yoga Teacher Mentor Form

What advice would you give to new yoga teachers as students and professionals in the Yoga community?