The Mat

The Mat is dedicated to discovering places where Yoga professionals (teachers, program directors, and studio owners) can list their offerings. One of the most commonly aspects teachers shared, as a challenge to their time, was knowing where to list their offerings.

This space is also a resource for the lay Yoga practitioner to find places to learn Yoga (and more specifically asana in some cases) both in person or online. Plus a variety of other related resources.


The word “Yoga” in the modern scene usually conjures up a vision of sticky mats, tights, moving the body with the breath and a space to gather with community. Typically, our image is related to asana. Maybe, you’ve been exposed to more than asana and had the opportunity to experience the other limbs outlined in the Yoga Sutras.  This page is dedicated to the physical practices many of us are familiar with.

What’s asana?: Provides links to various asana databases for referencing your postural learnings.

Yogāsana Styles: Here we have done our best to include the varied styles of Yogāsana today. (Your ultimate guide to all those āsana styles!)

The Science Behind Yoga As Science becomes more subtle in its ability to measure, it is discovering that the wisdom of Yoga is actually objectively quantifiable. Join us on a journey through the very latest medical and scientific research about the healing benefits of Yoga.

Where to Practice Together



Looking for an online source to post classes, retreats or workshops?

Trying to find teachers wherever you are? Maybe you want to escape to a retreat or a yoga fesitval? Locate a pop-up class?

These are some of the most active and current sites for any of these needs.

Sites listing to find teachers/list classes to take. Other teaching/taking venues to group online classes.

Know-How for A Solo Practice

Deepen your personal knowledge as a Yoga professional or practitioner:

Both of these are important considerations for a home practice. A solo practice allows for time to notice nauances in the body and beyond. It allows for a time to gain a deeper sense of overall integration.

Yoga Professional:


 teaching tips


sample class outlines.



… is an ever evolving selecion of playlists to inspire your practice/teaching.

…provides consideration for the creation of playlists

As with any other resources we offer if you have a favorite free to Connect with Us and let us know about it.