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The use of music in yoga classes continues to evolve as much as the practices themselves. There are many considerations and perspectives on the use of music when teaching or doing an asana sequence. Here are some. We have also provided links to some playlists and DIY DJ tips shared by yoga teachers, kirtan artists and Yoga DJs.




theYoke on 8TRACKS

A place to check out playlist from Yokies (Yoke Staff & Community).

Motivating Workout Playlist

The mix comes courtesy of yoga studio Lyons Den.


From DJ Bhakti Styler

Use these hashtags to find the music mood you desire.

WARM  UP   #ambient


STANDING POSES #EDM (electronic dance music)


SAVASANA #ambient #jazz

DJ Bhakti recommends using these hashtags (#)  on SoundCloud. 

While you are there you can check out who we follow.

[source: Yoga Journal]

To Play or Not To Play

Does Music Belong in the Classroom?images-16

Does music have a place in the yoga studio? If so, what kind of music belongs there? And if so-called “spiritual music” is the only kind that does, who gets to determine what “spiritual music” is?

Music in the Studio

We have heard from yoga studio owners who have been contacted about licensing music played in their classes or studios.

Sequencing A Yoga Class Playlist

The author provides yoga teachers, ” a new breed of DJ” with tips to help inspire and guide teachers through the music selection and sequencing process.

Why Live Music Can Deepen Yoga Experience

A musician/yoga practitioners thoughts on the influence of live music on asana practice.

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