...the path of meditation

This is also known as the royal path to unity/yoking with the Divine. The main focus is in the mind and working to control over the mind and emotions through a meditation.

To delve deeper into the Raja path consider these ancient texts, Yoga Sutras.

Raja Yoga, Oneness Through Meditation     A brief explanation of raja as a practice of yoga.

The Path of Meditation: Raja Yoga      A site with a more extensive and straightforward explanation of the merits of raja yoga also offers other resources.

Raja Yoga     A concise look at raja yoga from the perspective of an experienced Indian yogi.

Free Meditation Technique     You will find meditations steeped in developing a Raja Yoga practice, which is concerned with focusing the mind and using its power to control the body.

A Series of Lessons in Raja Yoga      A raja yoga text including meditation and mental discipline.