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Grab a cup of tea and enjoy this collection of writings, videos, online conversations and other resources related to the three main pillars of The Yoke’s mission.

Unite (yuj): The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit root ‘yuj’ which means to yoke or unite. This foundational concept is the pemise to the formation of The Yoke. Convesations with teachers, students and program heads confirmed how the practice of yoga creates connection to self, other and beyond. When this sense of unity is lost it can feel disconcerting and cause fragmentation. The resources below are to assist in creating and maintaining unity on multiple levels.

Service (seva): Yoga teachers, across the globe, are performing seva (selfless service). This karma yoga path is of action, service to others, and mindfulness. We have scoured the internet and other yoga materials to keep abreast of karma yoga being done. Below is a list of what we have found. If you know of other established organizations by folks in the yoga world please send us  the information of the organization.

Sustain (dharma): “Sustainable development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. (World Commission on Environment and Development) The approach and definition of sustainability is as varied as the millions of people on this planet, however it does invoke a sense of consideration for generations or times to come. Like Karen Gual in her essay Voices of Practice, consideration of how Yoga is approached through the lens of culture and community. Yoga’s rapid growth creates many layers of considerations for its sustainability. It is up to each of us as teachers and  program directors to consider how this scope can be sustainabie for the sake of our students, ourselves, and the greater world.  Please feel free to send us a link, title, and author of a source you feel is part of the Yoga global scene.

Pour a cup of tea & enjoy persuing an online magazine or reading about books and news related to the path of Yoga.

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