“Sustainable development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. (World Commission on Environment and Development)

The approach and definition of sustainability is as varied as the millions of people on this planet; however it does invoke a sense of consideration for generations or times to come. Like Karen Gual, in her essay Voices of Practice, consideration of how Yoga is approached thorugh the lens of culture and community. Yoga’s rapid growth creates many layers of consideration for its sustainability. It is up to each of us, as teachers and directors of Yoga, to consider how this scope can be sustainable for the sake of our students, ourselves, and the greater world.  Please feel free to send us a link, title, and author of a source you feel is part of the Yoga global scene.

Body Image

The Body Image Coalition aims to create a safe space for bodies of all types and promoting Yoga that is accessible, body positive and reflects the full range of human diversity. The conversation emerging challenges us all to consider how we portray to students our beliefs on what is a beautiful Yoga body. If you are someone consciously working with this aspect drop us a line and let us know what you are up to.


Here is one commentary, from Yoga Dork (a Yoga blogger) on the subject of ethics as a teacher in relating to students. We would love to hear your further thoughts on this topic with an eye toward ethical sustainability in the teacher/student relationship.

Contributing to & Sustaining Peace

Mantras for Peace  It is easy to feel overwhelm by all the that is happening in the world. Sometimes numbing the heart feels like the only way to survive,  and the attainment of peace an unreachable goal. Mantra for Peace is a global peace movement through the use of sound (nāda yoga). Mantra has the power to evoke a sense of aliveness in the heart, ultimately creating a resonance that un-numbs the heart.  Allow yourself to become an instrument of peace (you will also receive the benefits of the practice, of course) by signing up for 108 days of mantra tips, insight and support on your journey.

This project began after Anandra George and several graduates of the Heart of Sound trekked through the Himalayas near the mouth of the Ganga. On their journey they met Yogis living their every moment to invoke peace through mantra and meditation. Their lives inspired Anandra and company to put together this offering of a 108 practice.

Sustainability... of Self & Beyond

Voices of Practice: Teaching Yoga, Sustainability, and Justice, an essay describing experiments in a practice-based model of teaching. Integrating yogic texts such as the Yoga Sutra with community efforts in sustainable living means an embodied set of skills for students responding to today’s world.

What’s the difference between a yoga teacher and a yoga instructor? Thoughts?

An epiphany of how yoga and sustainability aren’t that different, What Yoga Can Teach Us About Sustainability.

Slow Your Roll.  A stand for slowing everything down, even Yogasana.

“What came out of my Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal was the understanding that true sustainability and benevolence begins within the self. If we don’t unlearn the bad habits that arise from the acceptance and understanding of our unsustainable behaviours, we will always be hindered from achieving the kinds of changes we want to create. ” Read: Sustainability Begins Within: How Yoga Changed My World View


Seane Corne discusses the importance of purging ourselves of the helplessness, the anger, and the myriad emotions that dredge up our own unresolved issues when we’re helping others. Watch Video: The Importance of Sustainable Service.