Yoga Folk Book Club

Swadyaya (self -study) is one portion of the Yogic path.

Individuals wishing to delve deeper into the multiple layers of Yoga are invited to join these discussions held seasonally. Request to be part of The Yogi Book Club group on Facebook, or if you are not on Facebook just drop us a line and we will keep you updated via e-mail.


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Books read in the 1st season of The Yogi Book Club.

Books to Consider Reading on Your Own.

Autobiography of a Yogi

by Paramahansa Yogananada

You may also like to see the movie based on his life


The Wisdom of Yoga

by Stephen Cope

A seeker’s guide to extraordinary living. The story of individual journeys are likened to aspects of The Yoga Sutras.

Chai Pilgrimage

by Patrick Shaw & Jenny Kostecki-Shaw

Steep yourself in India’s rich chai culture in this multimedia travelogue with illustrated recipes and tips on the art of chai-making!

Yoga From the Inside Out

by Christina Sell

One Yoga teacher’s brave exploration into body and self on and off the mat.

Want to delve even deeper into the study of Yoga philosophy? Currently, The Yoke offers The Root of the Lotus.  This five month course delves into the Yoga Sutras. The study of this sacred text is scholarly and offers many opportunities for personal reflection on life centered around yogic concepts.