Yoga teachers, across the globe, are performing seva (selfless service). This karma yoga path is one of action, service to others, and mindfulness. We have scoured the internet and other yoga materials to keep abreast of karma yoga being done.

Below is an international list of Yoga folk in action from teaching in prisons, with veterans, differently-abled folk, and youth. This list also includes activism through Yoga and programs assisting with mental wellness. Also included are tips for fundraising/fundraising sources for non-profit programming; and individuals using donation based programming. More details on offering donation based classes can also be found here. 

"Sometimes when we say 'service,' we create a hierachy between the server and the served, the have and have-not, the savior and the needy being saved. We need to understand what the community being served wants or needs, what social change they are seeking and whether they have a voice in designing the service projects that will benefit them." - Tessa Hiks Peterson, PhD. YJ March 2015

5 Ways that Yogi’s Can Change the World  The world is evolving. More than ever before, we are becoming aware that discrimination, capitalism, injustice, and greed have shaped the way in which our world operates. When we know better, we do better, and the world changes for the better.

If you know of other established organizations by folks in the yoga world please feel free to send us  the information of the organization.