The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit root ‘yuj’ which means to yoke or unite. This foundational concept is the pemise to the formation of The Yoke. Convesations with teachers, students and program heads confirmed how the practice of yoga creates connection to self, other and beyond. When this sense of unity is lost it can feel disconcerting and cause fragmentation. The resources below are to assist in creating and maintaining unity on multiple levels.

"…I have fear and insecurity of reaching out to these people that I just so admire and people I want to be when I grow up, it's just really the greatest teaching of spirtuality and empowerment, which is just collaboration over competition. There is no such thing as competition. The more of us that rise up, the better." - Ashley Turner


These are general yoga forums listed in order of most active to least active as far as number of participants. If there is a topic you feel would assist other yogi(ni)s in being of service, creating sustainability or can assist in the uniting of the community, but don’t see it here please go to our Connect Page and send us a note on your thoughts.

  • General Yoga DiscussionsYoga discussions and job links, hosted by Yoga Alliance.
  • Discussion on TeachingGeneral discussion about any subject related to Yoga, teaching and professional questions regarding being a teacher.
  • Community for Aspiring Yoga Practitioners : This is a Closed Group for Yoga Teachers and Yoga Teacher Trainees ONLY. You must be a Yoga Teacher or in a YTT to be in this group. Advanced Yoga folk are also welcome. Registration as a member is required.
  • Forum for Teachers in Training and other teachers regarding a wide range of subjects related to teaching.
  •  Traditional Yoga Values  An international group of yoga practitioners and teachers aimed at building a platform to promote and emphasize the traditional Yoga values as a genuine path to finding Truth, Spiritual Freedom and Self Realization.
  • Lessons Nearly 500 easy-to-follow lessons that have been posted as part of group lessons since 2003 incorporate powerful advanced yoga practices. You can see other lessons here.
  • Teacher Forum  Limited forums facilitated by the site’s teachers.
  • Yoga Exchange  Exchange yoga and lifestyle information, advice, hints and tips. Get help, get connected, get inspired, have your say!
  • Teacher FB Group  “Yoga Teachers”  group on Facebook

NOTE: Some of the resources offered are through organizations that require a membership to review their materials.