Yoke Courses

The Root of the Lotus

(a four month study of the Yoga Sutras)

with LauraLynn Jansen, MHEd, CPCC, e-RYT

This course begins each new year (or when a group has formed) and meets each week, via modern technology for four months. It is an in-depth investigation of this ancient text attributed to Patanjali, and the application of it to modern times. The study of this sacred text is scholarly and reflexive. Take this opportunity for reviewing one of the most well known yogic texts, as well as a study of self (swadyaya). Students in the past have noted how engaging in the material brought them to a deeper understanding of “Yoga.” Also noted was a shift in personal and professional perspectives gained through the in-depth study of Yoga in its many forms. Each week a home practice is provided to bring the studies into the participant’s daily life. 

This is a chance to delve deep.


Next session begins Fall 2018.

Continuing Education Credits are available upon competition of full course. 

Complimentary Courses

Bring Yoga into your every day.

These Yoke programs are an opportunity to delve deeper into multiple aspects of Yogic wisdom and apply them to everyday life.

The challenges (listed below) are designed to assist you in bringing varying aspects of a Yogic lifestyle, beyond the mat. There are several ways to join the challenges:

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These are all complimentary program.

This is a chance to delve deeply as often as your heart desires.

”Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate, and to humble." -Yehuda Berg

Wake Me UP! Challenge

This is a speaking awareness challenge. It is a week long.

Do you ever feel like the level of mouths moving and sounds coming out, a.k.a. talking, is at a higher volume and accelerated rate? Words fly about in retort of he said, she said? It can leave one wondering is anything really being said? Is there any true mindfulness or intention behind words cast out?

How different are our own actions, such a contemplation is a very Yogic consideration. Am I doing the same? How different am I from what I am observing? It prompts one to become more aware of our own actions. What impact am I making in the world around me with the words I put forth? Imagine if each time we spoke we were aware, completely attentive? Each time we put something out into the world a conscious intention and energy is provoked? How would it shift our individual lives? Those we interface with each day? Others connected to our ripple affect?

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Seva: A Random Act of Kindness Challenge

This week – to – month challenge looks at the essence of our actions/words. You can choose to do an action every day for a week. Or you may wish to prolong the experience by doing one every other week or longer. Karma Yoga, an article by SarahJoy Marsh, inspires the content for each day’s prompt, of this seva based challenge.

Seva is part of the Karma Yoga path. A commitment to seva can be short-term or done as a life-long pursuit. Regardless of how it is engaged Ram Dass suggests, “Allow yourself to be the flute through which the music of God will pour through. Be an instrument of service.”

Would you like daily inspiration, guidance, and awareness tips sent to your inbox?
Every day a specific task or action will arrive prompting you along in the chosen challenge.