Camp Firefly

The Why

Even in their young lifetime, foster girls face multiple obstacles, often leading to feelings of instability, uncertainty and acute self-esteem issues.

The inability to recognize and value oneself generates a great struggle, especially during teenage years.

This is a reality for many foster youth who are moved from place to place often multiple times each year. Usually these kind of circumstances keep a youth doubting her self-worth for the rest of her life.

Up to 36% of emancipated foster youth become homeless during their transition to adulthood and up to 50% are likely to be incarcerated. They are also likely to become pregnant between 17 and 19. Youth aging out of the foster care system (meaning they never find a forever home)  have less than a 3% chance of a college degree in their lifetime. National averages show the odds of personal success, on any level, is bleak for foster youth.

When one is given the chance to step into the light of self-actualization,
resiliency can be cultivated &
the internal light we all possess is more accessible and maintainable.

Camp FireFly (formerly known as HerShe) is a highly interactive time-tested program spanning four of the most challenging years teens face, high school. Professional leadership life coaches, assist youth in distinguishing who they are. Once this self-understanding is established, then the capacity to build sustainable/healthy relationships comes next. Once the youth has completed the first two leadership programs they take on the role as Leader In Training (LIT). The final part of their time is the visioning and preparing for their future beyond emancipation.

Camp FireFly’s multi-year format cultivates a space for the development of deep, intimate, trusting relationships with other females. Because of a foster girl’s highly mobile life it can be challenging to make long term friends, so this sisterhood is a bond that will last their whole life.

The FireFly

We’ve chosen the symbol of a firefly for its physical appearance and its mythical associations. The physical body of this insect is a reminder of how physical appearance does not define us. Instead it is the makeup and mixing of our unique formula inside the heart and mind that truly depict what each person is comprised of, a combination of interactions akin to the chemical compounds within a firefly. Sometimes the glow of self remains soft and quiet conserving energy for its time to illuminate the darkness. When the distinctive light does shine outward it signals the uniqueness of the light held inside.

Within the Yoga world this light is honored through the common phrase, Namaste.

The light within me recognizes the light within you.