LI: Authentic Self

Who Am I?

What are the gifts I offer?

These are the two questions youth begin to explore in Leadership I: Authentic Self.

Each day of this initial program leads youth to discover  the elements comprising their most authentic self.

Building trust is a key component to this first leadership level. A variety of exercises entice youth to venture into cultivating a trust of self and in their bonds with others.

Youth discern, with the assistance of fellow participants, the characteristics making them compelling to others through a series of improvisational interactions. This day of discovery concludes with each girl creating a life size body collage interpreting their newly discovered compelling self.

Youth receive initial instruction into listening on multiple levels and the companion skill of effective communication. Progressive learnings on communication is also part of subsequent leadership sessions.

Each new group of  young women have their own special dynamics and unique characteristics, and begin to establish themselves through community meetings. These gatherings are  for youth to facilitate a conversation with each other by embodying the communication and listening skills they are learning. This element appears in each of level of the leadership programs.

community meetings

ropes course

levels of listening


inspirational leaders   

trust walk  


appreciation bombardment

pathways to success

compelling self

You can start her on the path...

to self discovery & self assurance by providing a campership to attend Camp FireFly.