Each one of us possess an essential nature that is untethered by the confines of modern life. However, sometimes the hastiness and demands of time and the modern pace can  easily pulls us from this knowing. The connection to the golden thread of our essence may become lost or undiscoverable. It is the transformative process of alchemy which unravels an innate discernment of self.

Alchemy Retreats are the seemingly magical process of inner-transformation bringing you into alignment with your most elemental, truest self.

This series of Yoke offerings for adult women promote the re/discovery of your inherently authentic self. These retreats are not about improvement or being something other than who you already are. It is a transformative process connecting you back to the awareness of your truest self; and then taking this powerful self-awareness into your connections with others. Ultimately, this level of self-recognition creates a ripple beyond yourself into the communities you are part of. The invitation of leaning in and learning becomes the new normal.

Retreat I: The Sustainable Self

The journey begins with building an awareness of your individual compelling-ness and personal authenticity.

This foundational retreat, The Sustainable Self, grows your ability to embody your distinctive aptitudes through a series of interactive and thought-invoking exercises.

One of these is an improvisational exercise called Compelling Self . It unveils your individual expression of self and what is uniquely captivating about you. The process of breaking through the misunderstandings self-doubt generates, also known as the gremlin, begins in this retreat.  

An introductory session to Compassionate Communication presents you with a core understanding of how to speak to yourself and others in a thoughtful and eloquent manner. Each retreat builds on the concepts encompassing this style of communication.

Levels of Listening is a companion competency to communication. You will learn the three levels of listening and then explore the use of these skills throughout the full program.

Your unique unfolding is proclaimed and witnessed by your fellow sisters through participation in an opening and closing threshold rituals.

Ultimately, this introductory retreat provides the initial motivation to cultivate a connection to your innate spirit and begin the journey of creating a sustainable relationship with yourself.

Retreat II: Co-Exist

The transformation of self continues in Retreat II, Co-Exist, by fostering the mental and energetic understanding of connection between individuals. Each undertaking during your time will establish, explore and enhance your insights into the power of alliances.

Improvisational exercises will enhance your consideration of the value of partnerships. This will include poignant interactions focusing on the assumptions we each hold.

Heightening your awareness of the limiting belief patterns created by the gremlin, also known as the inner-critic is an exploration resumed in this second retreat.

You will also resume the cultivation of valuable verbal exchanges through the sequel of Compassionate Communication.

Retreat III:

Living (a life of) Leadership

You are now sensing the light of your inner magical self. This third element of engagement, Living (a life of) Leadership continues to develop your capacity of resilience.

By honing the art of recovery as a real-time change agent. You will take on a bigger role within certain portions of the program, such as the community meetings. You will co-facilitate certain program aspects. Your role is akin to the Yogic action of Seva, the path of“working with.” Your inner-knowing on every level of Self (mind, body, spirit) will provide support and wisdom to incoming participants of The Yoke community.

Growing your communication capacity to be inclusive and generate clarity will be facilitated further through another level of the Compassionate Communication series, as well as the implementation of Designing Alliances.

While being a real-time agent of change you will begin to formulate a personal statement and vision plan as you step fully into being the person they were born to be!

When one is given the chance to step into the light of self-actualization, resiliency can be cultivated and the internal light we all possess is more accessible and maintainable.