Exploring My Contribution to Community

LIT stands for Leader-In-Training. This level of the leadership program connects the youth with how they are a vehicle of impact in their community. Youth strengthen their sense of self by stepping into  a greater leadership role in the community. LIT youth put their skills into action co-facilitating (with adult leaders) certain portions of Leadership I. This is when they see how their unique voice and compelling self contribute to the world.

One of their next level responsibilities is to be the guardian of Community Meetings. This role shifts them from being in the circle as participants to just outside it holding the container (a coaching term for being responsible for the energy and interactions of a space). Since Community Meetings are an integral part of how the HerShe community forms and functions being a guardian comes will multiple degrees of responsibility.

All of the youth’s experiences through the years with Camp HerShe are now assimilated in a distinctive way as a witness to and a leader of the process. Being in the role of a LIT youth generates a highly unique leadership opportunity.  An immediate translation of understandings gained over the pervious years is now a real-world scenario.

When LIT youth are not assisting with the Leadership I participants they start the formulation of a personal vision/mission statement and plan. This framework prepares them for their senior year and Leadership IV. The ultimate aim is for each youth to leave with a strong sense and a familiarity with their unique personal power as a leader in a real-time setting.



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