Marlo Nikkila

Marlo loves sharing yoga and creating a safe space for new and experienced yogi’s to explore their connection with themselves in a peaceful, playful, and loving way.

Even though she has practiced several styles of yoga, she specializes in teaching a unique blend of a meditative flow with energy work.  Her yoga training includes Power Yoga, Trauma-informed Yoga, and Energy Medicine Yoga.

She originally came to yoga as a form of cross-training for her triathlon aspirations by doing DVD classes, but something woke up in her and a desire to be part of a yoga community surfaced.  Over a few years of her own personal practice, it became time to take a teacher training to deepen the connections with other yogis and and her own practice. While teaching was never really part of her plan, yoga took a life of it’s own and she began teaching friends and eventually landed a teaching opportunities in studios as a manager and a Teacher Training Coach.  She now teaches workshops and classes during her Mindful Manifesting Retreats.

Experiencing the gifts of teaching yoga and what it has offered her in all areas of her life (including her life coaching and retreat business), she is left with so much gratitude for the journey.  Being part of The Yoke is the perfect way she can give back while supporting other teachers as they embark on what this journey means for them and the larger yoga community.

When Marlo is not teaching or practicing yoga, you may find her curled up with a great book, hiking or running on the trails, cooking yummy vegan food, exploring her new hobby of knitting, or helping with home renovations to create a small, intimate retreat space with her hubby in Hood River, Oregon.