Written By: LauraLynn Jansen


Why Retreat?

Why Step Away?

What does Drawing Back Offer?


Withdrawing from regular life allows you moments to gather in energy usually dispersed into multiple directions. The word, retreat,comes from the Latin verb “to pull back.” By retreating you allow yourself time to focus deeply in one direction and gain a new perspective.


Each one of us possess an essential nature that is untethered by the confines of modern life. Retreating from everyday life and leaving behind the usual distractions allows an inner change and redirection toward what really inspires our life.

I read once of a retreat participant who noted, “Society wants you to be the mother, sister, wife, friend, lover. People need to be reminded that we are actually individuals, human beings, as opposed to “human doings.”

The power of svādhyāya,Yogic term denoting self-study/reflection, has occupied a profound role in my life. Ever since my twentieth year of life, when I was told I had a fifty percent chance of not making it to the age of twenty-one, taking time to step back and reconsider life has become an indispensable life practice. It’s a core best practice I consciously seek to design into life each year. Whether a weekend or longer, this time alwaysbrings self-connection and a profound remembrance of my essential nature.


Are you ready to lose the fear?

Remember who you are?


The inner-knowledge and awareness continually cultivated by this core life practice led to the formulation of Alchemy Retreats. These offerings are progressive in nature and focus on the alignment of every day self with our elemental, truest Self. Each retreat flows into the next, building a continual flow of self-reflection and understanding, the path of svādhyāya.


These are retreats for putting the inspiration into action. Inspiration, translates as “to breathe into.”


When in retreat you breathe life into your life.

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