Yoga Teacher Training

The Yoke’s, Yogic Studentship Path (The Art of Yoga )& Teaching Training (The Art of Teaching) is taught through a self-reflective leadership lens.

This is the beginning of a deeper reflection on your lifelong path of Yoga. Yoga in Sanskrit form is written as yuj, the act and embodiment of yoking with your Divine nature.  The self-reflective perspective begins with the expansion of an individual’s studentship in The Art of Yoga.  The next evolution, if you should choose to step into it, is moving toward the role of “teacher/leader” of the ancient practices and teachings encompassed in the worldview known in the world as Yoga. This involves continuing into The Art of Teaching.

This 200 hour training is divided into two opportunities through the process of self- inquiry, known as svādhyāya.  This Sanskrit term relates to the action of inquiring, reflecting and examining Self. Like the wooden dolls encased within each other, this training offers the possibility of opening to the deepest aspects of Self.

The initial portion of the training, The Art of Yoga is an opportunity to take a deep dive into the many layers of a Yogic embrace.

If one is compelled to take the deeper embrace of becoming a teacher/leader of this ancient tradition the journey continues in The Art of Teaching.


If you believe you would like to be a teacher of the ancient art of Yoga. Let us know. And you will receive a copy of our reflective contemplation, Is Teaching Yoga Your Destiny?

Unite (yuj) : The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit root ‘yuj’ which means to yoke or unite. This foundational concept is the pemise to the formation of The Yoke and all programming offered. When this sense of unity is lost it can feel disconcerting and cause fragmentation. Embracing a path to the fullness of all Yoga is the journey to discovering connection. Exploring how to offer this pathway with others is a gift to the world like none other.

Service (seva): Yoga teachers, across the globe, are performing seva (selfless service). This karma yoga path is of action, service to others, and mindfulness. It is one of the very roots of being a teacher of Yoga.

All students who complete the 200 hour training (Art of Yoga & Art of Teacing) will be asked to consider doing a seva (service) offering in their home community.  While doing this project a full year of mentor-coaching is available.

Sustain (dharma): Everyone completing the YTT will receive the lifelong gift of access to extensive resources (reserved just for graduates) to build, support and sustain being a Yoga professional on The Yoke’s hub.

Personal & Professional Development

through a Yogic perspective

*The Root of the Lotus*

This four month study of the Yoga Sūtra-s with LauraLynn Jansen establishes a greater understanding of all the key aspects of this ancient practice. Embrace the study of Yoga through this in-depth investigation of these all-encompassing Yogic text.    More Information