The Yoga of Sound

Nāda Yoga

Nāda, meaning sound.

soul as soundNāda encompasses mantra and more specifically Sanskrit. In Āyurveda nāda is consider one of the most important tools to invoke calm and rejuvenation of the mind and nervous system. The Yoke has designed this special offering to introduce the fundamentals of nādā Yoga.

Restorative Medicine

The vital offering of nāda Yoga for the modern world.

The sympathetic nervous system is our circuitry of fight/flight/freeze. The parasympathetic nervous system is our circuitry of rest/digest/repair. When we feel safe and at ease, a fullness allows true relaxation to occur. We become curious and open to learning. Our capacity for empathy grows.

Our sympathetic nervous system is a protective mechanism only meant to engage in response to short-bursts of distress. However, most of us live in a constant state of alert.

By giving ourselves the invitation to saturate in the inner sound, we give our nervous systems a chance to receive soothing, restorative medicine.

Nāda Yoga Module

This module based in nāda Yoga can be incorporated into an existing teacher training or it can be provided as a stand-alone continuing education offering.

This course builds a foundational understanding of Sanskrit terminology through the deciphering of multi-phrase Yogasāna word structures. Additionally, an introduction to the historical roots of mantra is included. Proper pronunciation associated with the mouth and tongue placement along with the purpose of transliteration are also part of this training.

Key Learning Objectives

It is offered as a minimum of 8 hours (additional materials can be added to extend the timeframe – see list below) to include:

  • What is Sanskrit
  • Power of intention and importance of pronunciation accuracy
  • What is Mantra
  • Instruction in chanting several mantras
  • What is Japa and the use of mālā beads***
  • What is the importance of a daily practice
  • What are the Four Levels of Speech
  • Significance of aligning thoughts, speech and action

Additional Traditional Sanskrit and Mantra Offerings

These can be add as evening events for the students of a training and/or be opened to the local community. There is also the option to add on of specific material to the training or for the local community. Let’s chat.

        *** mālā making

Learn the sacred art of Japa Mālā  tying. Materials and instruction are offered to create a crystal quartz mālā. The history and traditional of a mālā is also provided.

        Śāntipāṭḥ : A Gathering for Peace

Śāntipāṭḥ or peace mantras are traditional prayers chanted to invoke a sense of peace within and without. This gathering will offer folks insight into the pronunciation of Sanskrit, the history of peace mantras, and the resonating power of chanting. This offering is like a kīrtan, though it is focused on Śāntipāṭḥ mantras specifically. It also provides more guidance in proper pronunciation than a typical kīrtan.

These Offerings Also Includes:

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The Yoke can provide CEU options through Yoga Alliance.


Thank you for your consideration of these offerings for your community.

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