Karma Yoga

by Kristalena LaMore

theYoke, Board Member

What karma is and isn’t is a continuous contemplation on the Yogic path. This month Kristalena (a.k.a. Krissa) a farmer and Yoga teacher shares her thoughts about being a Yoga person who follows the karma path.

Why is it important to teach in a non-profit/donation based setting?
This is important to me as a teacher because this gives me a diverse group of students to work with.  Donation based classes create an openness that is not available for classes with a fixed rate. My students are from all different socio economic backgrounds and yoga backgrounds.  This aspect brings humbleness to the class and keeps me on my toes as an instructor.

Could you define Karma Yoga. 
Karma yoga is being happy to give without the expectation of receiving.   To me I understand Karma yoga as a way to put the ego to the side and fulfill your dharmic path for the greater good.

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